Dalan d'Olive 純天然橄欖油護膚系列

Natural beauty from olive oil

*Dermatologically Tested Natural Skin Care Product

*Paraben Free * Silicon Free * PEG Free *SLES Free

*Suitable for all skin type

*Especially good for pregnancy woman, babies & Kids

*100% Made in Turkey 

From intensive creams to body shea butter, everything in our range is dermatologically tested and recommended for any skin type by DermaConsult Germany — one of Europe’s most highly regarded industry authorities — along with a number of other independent bodies.

We are using only natural ingredients and aegen Olive oil. Olive oil had been used as a natural remedy for over 3000 years in the Mediterranean region. And in more recent times, it is discovered that olive oil was one of the best natural moisturizers and is perfect for conditions such as dry skin, sensitive skin and other minor skin conditions. And even an inexpensive care for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

*純天然,不含有害防腐劑 Paraben , 不含Silicon , PEG, SLES。適合孕婦及寶寶安全使用